Search Things Faster On Desktop Using Puggle You must be so familiar with searching for something on web, so do you sometimes need to do that task on your computer? In most cases, the default Windows file search engine works fine, but still looking for a better alternative, give Puggle a shot.

Written in pure Java, Puggle can run under any operating system these days in case JRE (Java Runtime Environment) is already installed. At the first run, it takes a little time to build the index of file and structure on your system and it will usually do this task whenever it grabs something new.

To search, simply type the query into the textbox. You can use wildcards such as ‘*’, ‘?’ to narrow the search results and then hit the Find button. The result will be displayed in a list below, just click one to open it with the appropriate application.

More about Puggle, read Desktop Search Tool Puggle

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