How To Disable Search On Windows 7 The computer generally is invented just for three major tasks: storing the data, processing the data, and searching the data. We now can store more data since the hard disks are bigger and faster continuously as well as we can process data more effectively because more applications for various purposes appear. About the searching task, it’s still a potential place for all of us to conquer.

Windows 7 comes with an advanced search feature, you can easily feel that it searches more exactly and faster. But it’s just faster and more exactly, to experience the fastest and the most exactly processing, third party utilities such as Everything, Puggle and Google Desktop may bring you.

In case you prefer those third party utilities, why should you waste your system resource on the redundancy (I mean the Windows 7 search feature here), follow the guideline in the post How To Disable Search In Windows 7 to disable it. [How to geek]

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