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Editor's comment: there may be times you need to find out size of some folders and its sub folders in order to figure out which takes up the most space on your disk. GetFoldersize is such a tool you should use for this job.

Get The Size Of Folders Using GetFoldersize GetFoldersize is a freeware which allows you to determine the size of folders & sub-folders on your hard drive. using this software, you can determine which programs are taking up your hard disk space.

For each folder, you can display the total file size and the number of files and subfolders in the folder.

Editor's comment: This service is just great when you need to convert your file on the go.

Convert Files Into PDF Online Using FreePDFConverter  makes PDF conversion processes simpler, Just upload the file you want to convert to PDF and wait for the conversion to complete and download the converted file or leave your e-mail id for receiving the converted file as an attachment. Incase you have multiple files to convert, just zip all the files and upload.The archived files would be unzipped and converted automatically.

Editor's comment: There are cases you can’t access a file or folder because it contain some errors that you can’t predict. File Read Test is a tool to tell you this.

Easy Way To Identify File And Folder Read Errors Everyone of us somehow manages to procure, over a period of time, some unreadable, erroneous files on our systems that will cause problems when any application tries to access them. While it may not bother an average user, it can become a real issue if you are trying to do a malware scan, or defragment your hard-drive, where the entire process and maybe several minutes would get wasted in an instant. It could be really helpful if one was able to identify such troublesome files beforehand.

File Read Test is a free, OS independent cross-platform, Java-based tool that reads disk files or directories and stops on the first read error. That is about it – the software’s entire purpose is to identify the file that will generate the first read error. It is targeted more towards the advanced user category, but can benefit any casual user as well.

Create The List Of Folder Contents In A Text File Using Content Lister Content Lister is a small and free tool for Windows which lets you create a list of all the contents of a folder in a text file. The tool is very useful when you want to create lists of large numbers of files or folders stored in a folder.

A good way to use this application is, for example, creating a birthday list of all friends present in the “friends”.

Synchronize Data Across Folders And Your USB Drive Using Allway Sync [Windows] As a student, I carry my USB stick with me everywhere. It’s got a handy set of .bat files that I use on a regular basis, several useful portable applications, a couple of desktop backgrounds, and most importantly – a folder containing my work for each of my college classes. In fact, although I only began using a USB device regularly around a year ago, I would tell anyone that it’s one of the most indispensable things I use on a daily basis.

The issue is, I also use my Windows PC regularly as well. I’m better at programming on a desktop because I make fewer typing errors, I navigate the web more quickly having a mouse – the point is, I use the PC for school work too.

So what does one do when they write up half their work on a laptop, and half on a desktop, yet can’t ever remember to “sync” folders with the usb drive? One downloads Allway Sync, and lets the software do everything.

Find Duplicated Files On Your Computer Using Search My Files Search My Files is a multi functional file management tool which is a file searcher, file copier/mover, file deleter/eraser, duplicate file finder, and duplicate previewer. It has excessive search filter capabilities and a SQLite driven result reporting tool, with which you can sub-filter the result set according to your needs. It features lots of options to search for files like based on date, size, keywords, EXIF information and many more parameters. SMF is a file and file duplicate (md5,crc32 or sha1 driven) search tool.

How To Recover Deleted Files On An NTFS Hard Drive Using Ubuntu Live CD Accidentally deleting a file is a terrible feeling. Not being able to boot into Windows and undelete that file makes that even worse. Fortunately, you can recover deleted files on NTFS hard drives from an Ubuntu Live CD.

To show this process, we created four files on the desktop of a Windows XP machine, and then deleted them. We then booted up the same machine with the bootable Ubuntu 9.10 USB Flash Drive that we created last week.

Microsoft has recently allowed you to choose the default browser when installing Windows 7, but the search engine on the desktop is still the old one. Even though it is continuously improved through versions, but there are many limitations have not been lifted such as you cannot  search for file within shared folders of any network.

Enhance Your Search Engine On Windows Using NeoSearch

neoSearch is such a light search engine on the desktop that can meet all your needs. With the special algorithm, the index process is done in just seconds. Besides, it can present the result dynamically as you're typing your query, and many more essential functions.

You may have a large report for a project including multiple files and sometimes come across the annoying situation that you have to replace a specific word within those files. This is a total painful situation, but it happens all the times (say, the project name changes and you have to replace the name across multiple files).


Magic Search & Replace is the complete solution for this tough situation. It will search deep down a specific folder for matching files and replace text within them automatically. The criteria to search for matching file include extension and text within the content.

There are many reasons that cause the data loss such as hardware errors, virus and malwares, system corruption. The nearly best solution until now to prevent those risks is to backup, and you can make a choice from many applications out there today.

Automatically Backup Your Data Using Handy Backup

Handy Backup is an award-wining automatic data backup that might meet all your needs. As the  name says, it offers you the handy way to backup your data. Both novice and advanced users can take advantage of it to protect their data such as: files, emails, Windows Registry and even database from various DBMS like MySQL, SQLServer, Oracle, etc.

It is probably an odd news that you can see a computer without any compressor like WinZip or WinRar. However, there may be some cases your compressor corrupted, and you can no longer compress or decompress any file. If you are on a rush and have no change to reinstall it, try to decompress your file with web based tools.

Top 4 Free Online Tools To Compress And Decompress Files

Automatically Clean Temporary Files When Shutting Down The System Using Smart Auto Shutdown Almost program on Windows will create temporary files while running in order to complete its tasks. And your system will soon end up with junk files, which may be the major cause of slow performance and even security risks. To deal with those issues, you usually remove them by using a cleaner such as CCleaner. However, you have to launch it manually, but you can do this automatically every time your system shutdowns.

Smart Auto Shutdown is a small utility which silently works as a cleaner when you shutdown your system. Before completely shut down, it will scan for sensitive locations and remove temporary and junk files. Therefore, you will have a healthy and clean system the next time you start it.

Remove Leftovers Of Uninstalled Applications Using Uberstaller Uninstalling is a painful task in Windows because some applications always leave garbage behind even though they are completely uninstalled. Therefore, there are many people prefer portable applications to usual one. If you have a little experience about Registry and the installation folders, you can resolve this issue by your own. Otherwise, using a tool to automate this job is much better.

Uberstaller is a third party cleaner especially designed to remove all leftovers of the uninstalled applications. It will trace for the leftover automatically and quickly figure out as well as remove them. Besides, it lets you to shred a file which cannot  be recovered by any application else.

Detect And Remove Duplicated Files On Your System Using SoftChronizer Duplicated files is an inevitable issue that you have to encounter especially on Windows system. In this case, you might think of removing duplicates manually. It is perfect for joking but definitely worst to put it in action.

SoftChronizer offers you the way to remove duplicates automatically and this absolutely eases your hands and your mind too. It can search of duplicated files even though they don’t have identical names. Besides, it also provides smart mechanisms for audio files and pictures to detect duplicates.

Send Large Files Via Shortened Urls Using Sayabit Today, URL shortening services offer users many things other than just shortening URLs. You can upload and host your photos, then share your friends using shortened URL associated with those photos. You can do the same for your polls, your documents and recently files.

However, most shortening services allow file hosting limit the size of file you upload or require you to upgrade to premium account in order to do this. Hence, you may end up with doing some hustles such as splitting your files into smaller chunks or so.

Sayabit does the different thing, you can upload files in any size you want. Aside this convenience, you can also customize the associated shortened URL as well as the expired date, the password of that URL…

How To Restore Your File To The Previous Version In Windows 7 Accidental deleting an important file or a part of it may frustrate your productivity or even ruin a task. As usual, you can use a third party utility to prevent this by protect your files. Nevertheless, there is already a more efficient and handier feature in Windows help you deal with this risk.

Previous Version feature has been in Vista versions, but users really don’t know whether it is existing, or they are likely to forget it. However, this is a notable feature in Windows you can take advantage on.

It uses your disk space to keep versions of documents and important files. In case you have just deleted one or edited some part of a file, you can recover it back to the previous version. This seems the usual thing, and you don’t care; but in serious cases, it can probably be your life saver.

Remove Locked Files Using Tize UnLocker Many times you cannot  access or delete a file even though that file is useless, and you no longer want to see it. It might be locked because some programs are using it.

Tizer UnLocker is a powerful tool in this case you may use to remove that stubborn file. Once installed, it automatically integrates into Windows Explorer, which provides you a handy way to delete. You simply right click on the file or folder you want to delete, and choose the command to do.

Launch Your Application Just With Click Using Radian There are more than one way to launch an application or open a document on Windows. You can assign a hot key to an application or you can simply type some parts of the application name to launch it. For a lazier way, you can launch your application just with a click.

Well, you can urge that the usual way is to double click on an icon on desktop, but as the name says, it’s double clicks and I say here a click.

Radian is the guy that offers you this handy way. Once installed, it sits silently in the system tray and you can invoke it by right click anywhere. Just click and hold the right mouse button, then browse through the ‘slice’ of the circle to the application you want and release the mouse button. Yep, amazingly it is only a click!

How To Add System Locations To The Sidebar Of Windows Explorer On Windows 7 Windows Explorer in Windows 7 allows users to add multiple links to access to some favorites places in the sidebar. It’s not only a certain drive, a certain folder or a certain file, it might be also a system location such as the Control Panel or the Recycle Bin.

Not like previous version of Windows where users have to apply some geeky hacks or struggle with Registry entries (to be honest, I’m always really scared to mention those words!), you can add those locations just with a few clicks on the form. Read the post Display Control Panel And Recycle Bin In Windows Explorer for more.

Convert Batch Files To Executable Files For Free Even though Windows don’t have to type as much commands as Linux users, commands in Windows are various and some tasks can only be done with commands. Of course, some tasks require you to type multiple commands at once to fulfill it.

In case you have to get those tasks done many times, creating a batch file contains the commands within may save your time and effort. However, keeping that file a batch file means implicitly others can see exactly what you do, so why don’t you convert that batch file to an executable file? Dare others read it!!!