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Editor's comment: Originally designed to be the media center of Windows, Windows Media Center can nearly gather all media such as audio, video into one place. You will learn how to watch YouTube videos just right in it in this post.

Tips To Watch YouTube Videos Right In Windows Media Center Windows Media Center is one of the most used tools in  Windows 7 which lets you organize your media files in an easy way. But what if you want to watch YouTube videos and other videos which rely on Internet services? Recently, and without a lot of fuss, a member of the forum has released an interesting plug-in called Macro Tube  which aims to solve this issue. Thanks to it you will be able to watch your favorite YouTube videos, directly from WMC!

Editor's comment: The most thing that frustrates bloggers is to see their contents being copied without any credit. This great post will tell you some efficient ways to get alerts when someone does that.

How To Get Alerts When Your Content Is Copied There are so many tools to detect content theft on the web, but one of the problems with them in manual checking. Whenever you publish new content in your website or blog, you have to manually check whether someone copied your post or not. Here are some ways to automatically detect content plagiarism

Editor's comment: Listening to music is a great way to relax, but listening to your own song is much greater. AudioTool lets you do this online for free.

Create Your Music Online Using AudioTool If you have never visited the AudioTool website, you have missed out on one of the best ways of creating music on the internet. You may think that is only a simple web based application; however, when you make use of it, you will realize that it helps in creating good quality music files. The amount of time AudioTool will take to record music files depends on your internet speed. If the speed of your internet is fast, you will be able to save your creations in no time.

Editor's comment: Both Windows Live Writer and Picasa are my favorite and essential tools to blog. This post tells you how to combine them to make a great photo post.

How To Add Images From Picasa Web Albums In Windows Live Writer Picasa web albums comes by default with any Google account and it can be used to create a storehouse for images. You can upload a photo in Picasa web albums by just sending an email. Then use the Picasa Live writer plugin to add the image in your blog post, written in Windows Live writer.

The above idea have a couple of advantages. First, you don’t have to worry about where your image is hosted. Second, all the images can be downloaded in your computer using the Picasa desktop application. Following are the steps involved to install and use the Picasa Live writer plugin

Editor's comment: Both Google Docs and Outlook are great applications for office these days. This post will tell you how to manage Google Docs right from Outlook

Simple Way To Manage Google Docs Documents Right From Microsoft Outlook Microsoft Outlook is by far the best email client for Windows. It helps you to manage all your emails, set up contact lists, plan meetings, schedules and so much more. You can also use Microsoft Outlook to read Google Reader feeds as well.

So is Google Docs – one of the best online office applications available till date. Google docs lets you create documents, spreadsheets, presentations and drawings and stores them in your Google account, so that you can access the documents from any computer.

If you love using both the above services, why not use Harmony – a simple Outlook add-in to integrate both the services and manage Google docs documents from the desktop.

Editor's comment: Facebook chat seems so tedious because you always see plain text in the chat box. In order to bold or underline the text, read this post.

How To Bold & Underline Text On Facebook Chat Are you bored of usual simple text typing on Facebook chat? Add some spice while chatting with friends on Facebook by using different text formatting. You can easily make text bold or underline without using any external help. Just wrap text in * and _ for bold and underline text resepectively.

Editor's comment: To click on a link, you have to precisely point your finger (on mobile devices) or your mouse cursor on the link. For lazy guys, you should love the addon Lazy Click on Firefox which promises to ease this task.

Click Links Easily On Touch Screens Using Lazy Click[Firefox] LazyClick  is an addon for Firefox Mobile, Fennec (but also works on regular Firefox) whose purpose is to fix potential missed clicks by searching the adjacent area, and applying the click to the closest object that can accept clicks, for instance a link or a button.

With LazyClick your fingers don’t have to be precise. Just tap the screen close to the target and LazyClick will catch and apply them to the nearest clickable element. The user can select the click detection range, although the values of the radius are vague and subjective such as “small”, “medium” and “huge”.

Editor's comment: Aside great features Facebook offers, you can easily figure out things that can’t totally meet your need. One of them is the style of it, Facebook Styler is an extension allows you to re-style your Facebook.

Customize Facebook Profile Layout Using Facebook Styler Facebook Styler is a new extension for Google Chrome develop by Nick Currier, which helps you to Customize Facebook profile layout. It gives the user options to customize the layout and to give more functionality to Facebook. Facebook Styler will let you alter the position of sidebar in Facebook layout if you don’t want to remove it at all although it has options to hide these boxes in sidebar. Feed settings can also be tweaked.

Editor's comment: Not all default font on browsers eases your eyes when reading, this post tells you how to change them on Chrome, IE and Firefox.

How To Change Default Font Type On Your Favorite Browsers Majority of users do not bother to check and configure font settings of a web browser. We just open weblinks and start browsing web content. All modern web browsers allow users to change default text settings. You can configure to change default font type and size of text of either of web browser including: Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.

Convert Your Images To Different Formats Using Choosing an image file type is a tricky process. Most digital cameras take images in JPEG format, but most of us prefer using PNG format for posting images on the Web. Each format has its advantages, but not all browsers will show all image formats.

If you need to change image formats in a hurry, or if you would like to save an image in several formats at the same time, can convert them without having to download any extra software.

Search For PDF Files And Preview Them Using LocPDF We have previously covered Live PDF, a PDF search engine based on Google and Bing. LocPDF is another free search engine for PDF files. LocPDF is the first PDF search engine that gives you previews of the PDFs straight up and search through millions of documents that are normally hidden. The search results shows the preview of PDF files, so that you need not download them to see the contents.

Download Videos From Video Sharing Sites Using SaveVideo.Me The internet does not come short when speaking of downloaders for YouTube hosted videos. There are a number of good YouTube Video downloaders out there that you can utilize for that task. But, what if you want to download videos hosted on sites other than YouTube? SaveVideo.Me has come to save the day. It is a video download tool that will let you download videos from YouTube and other video portals as well.

SaveVideo.Me supports YouTube, DailyMotion, MetaCafe, Veoh, Flickr, Google Videos and The service works like most basic online video download tools. All you need to do is copy the video URL, paste it on and hit the download button. When your link to a file will be generated – press the link “Download video file” (under the form) the right mouse button and will select in the menu, “Save link as…”

Turn Your Photos Into Comic Strips Online Using Pikistrips Want to turn your photos into comics? Here are some free tools using which you can create cool comic strips from your images. You can add speech bubbles, animations and lots of more effects.

Pikistrips is a wonderful tool which lets you upload photos from your computer or from a web URL and merge them into a comic strip (see example). You can then add a lot of cool effects such as – speech bubbles, pencil sketches, oil painting and much more.

Create Sticky Notes Online Using PosticaPostica is a free online reminder tool that allows you to create sticky notes for yourself in order to remind you of various to-do items and also send yourself files without having to go through all of the hassles of emailing files to yourself. Equipped with various social media integrations for ease of file transfer, Postica is a comprehensive and easy to use free online reminder tool.

Browse The Web Anonymously And Download Torrents Using BitBlinder An anonymous web browsing client is always useful while surfing the internet if you want to hide your identity from marketers, coporates or government institutions.

Here is a new anonymous web browsing & BitTorrent client called BitBlinder that lets you protect your privacy by hiding your IP address, bypass any filters and can also download files quickly and anonymously via BitTorrent.

Listen To Radio Online Worldwide Using Antenna Are you looking for some fresh new music to listen to at home or at work? With Antenna you can listen to online radio stations from all over the world.

Once you have completed the installation and started Antenna up this is the window that you will see. The left side will have a “browsing pane” where you can search for the stations that you would like to listen to using the various categories. Based on the stations that you choose the background map will change location to match the stations locations.

Bypass Internet Filters Using PaperBus PaperBus is a multi-platform free software that lets you access blocked websites and bypass internet filters.It is very easy to use.Once you  download and install the Windows/Mac/Linux PaperBus proxy-client , you can surf the web anonymously  bypassing all internet censorship.

Right now it is an ad-supported app from the makers of commercial proxy service Freedur .The Ads are displayed at the top of the browser and is adware free .It will be displayed when  PaperBus is in use and when shutdown no ads are displayed.If you don’t want particular websites to be accessed via PaperBus means, you can  enable filter and add websites to it.

Search For Subtitles In Any Language Using Subtitle Search Subtitle Search is a free program that allows you to search, find and download subtitles of many languages for movies that are available on Internet sites popular film subtitles, as the Open and Subtitle Subtitles Resource.

Using this program is very simple, just enter the name of the movie, TV series, etc. in the search form and click “Search”button.

Each result is displayed with title, label, language, number of CDs, classification and source. To download a caption, double-click on the search result you wish to download.

How To Add Special Character Symbols Into Your Twitter Tweets Twitter has simple 140 character restricted communication platform. There are number of ways to extend this 140 character limitation by adding more content than just 140 characters. You can also add more spice to those 140 characters by using special symbols mixed with usual text characters. You can send heart, smiley, sun, star symbol in tweets from your Twitter account.

Top 5 Places To Find Twitter Lists To Follow Despite the popularity of Twitter, there are still many people and small businesses who are either just starting out or are trying to figure out how to use it. There are tons of different Twitter 101 articles out there, this is not one of them. What you will get from this post is where to find Twitter Lists and why you should use them.