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Sometimes you want to adjust the content to print out such as adding watermark or remove graphics. CleverPrint was designed to offer more functions to your printers. Since it is installed as a virtual printer, any application supports printing can launch it and modify what print out.
One of the features missed in most current PDF readers is the ability to rotate your PDF files to adapt to your screen. To do so, simply upload your file to RotatePDF, choose the rotation angle and click Rotate PDF to download your new file.

Editor's comment: PowerPoint 2010 is the most modern presentation application from Microsoft comes with multiple advance features that older versions sometimes can’t read. Converting slides from PowerPoint to images might be a simple solution in this case.

Simple Tips To Convert PowerPoint 2010 Slides Into Images We have already covered various awesome features included in PowerPoint 2010. If you have created a nice presentation, you can also save it as images, each slide converted to an image. This would be handy in case you find that the PC where you want to show the slideshow does not have Office 2010 installed. PowerPoint allows you to save the slides as images in either .PNG or .JPG format.

Editor's comment: Print Spooler is such a queue where all print jobs will be there waiting to be printed. By some cases, you just need to delete a print job but can not, so try Stalled Printer Repair.

Delete Print Jobs Queue In Spooler Using Stalled Printer Repair Every Windows user must have encountered the problem of stuck Print Jobs at one point of time or the other. Howsoever hard you try to cancel the print Job from the Printer Jon Queue, but it simply refuses to cancel the job and you are stuck up waiting endlessly to get the next print job executed.

Repeated Switching ON / OFF the printer is of no use and the only option looks to reboot the computer and do it again.

Editor's comment: The most thing that frustrates bloggers is to see their contents being copied without any credit. This great post will tell you some efficient ways to get alerts when someone does that.

How To Get Alerts When Your Content Is Copied There are so many tools to detect content theft on the web, but one of the problems with them in manual checking. Whenever you publish new content in your website or blog, you have to manually check whether someone copied your post or not. Here are some ways to automatically detect content plagiarism

Editor's comment: This service is just great when you need to convert your file on the go.

Convert Files Into PDF Online Using FreePDFConverter  makes PDF conversion processes simpler, Just upload the file you want to convert to PDF and wait for the conversion to complete and download the converted file or leave your e-mail id for receiving the converted file as an attachment. Incase you have multiple files to convert, just zip all the files and upload.The archived files would be unzipped and converted automatically.

Editor's comment: Both Google Docs and Outlook are great applications for office these days. This post will tell you how to manage Google Docs right from Outlook

Simple Way To Manage Google Docs Documents Right From Microsoft Outlook Microsoft Outlook is by far the best email client for Windows. It helps you to manage all your emails, set up contact lists, plan meetings, schedules and so much more. You can also use Microsoft Outlook to read Google Reader feeds as well.

So is Google Docs – one of the best online office applications available till date. Google docs lets you create documents, spreadsheets, presentations and drawings and stores them in your Google account, so that you can access the documents from any computer.

If you love using both the above services, why not use Harmony – a simple Outlook add-in to integrate both the services and manage Google docs documents from the desktop.

Search For PDF Files And Preview Them Using LocPDF We have previously covered Live PDF, a PDF search engine based on Google and Bing. LocPDF is another free search engine for PDF files. LocPDF is the first PDF search engine that gives you previews of the PDFs straight up and search through millions of documents that are normally hidden. The search results shows the preview of PDF files, so that you need not download them to see the contents.

Create Sticky Notes Online Using PosticaPostica is a free online reminder tool that allows you to create sticky notes for yourself in order to remind you of various to-do items and also send yourself files without having to go through all of the hassles of emailing files to yourself. Equipped with various social media integrations for ease of file transfer, Postica is a comprehensive and easy to use free online reminder tool.

Hiding worksheets can be a simple way to protect data in Excel, or just a way reduce the clutter of a some tabs. Here are a couple very easy ways to hide and unhide worksheets and workbooks in Excel 2007 / 2010.

How To Hide/Unhide Worksheets In Excel 2007 And 2010

Simply Split And Merge PDF Files Using Gios PDF Splitter And Merger I deal with PDF files almost every day at work. Unless you have the full version of Adobe Acrobat, making changes to existing PDF files is sometimes a problem. I’ve discovered one program that helps me deal with splitting and merging PDF files. It’s name is ‘Gios PDF Splitter and Merger’ (GiosPSM).

GiosPSM is the result of an open source set of tools for manipulating PDF files. It is a stand-alone program and it’s all contained in a single executable file about 145kb in size. The program is small, mainly because it relies on the .NET Framework v2.0 libraries.

Create PDF Files From Images Using Image To PDF Converter One of our reader just wanted to save some confidential information about him on some location by creating a PDF of that information, now he has that information in the form of a image. Now this means that he want to convert this image to PDF.

Now there may be a case when a user want to convert a single image to PDF and some times there may be several images which you want to convert to PDF document.

In order to just convert a single image to PDF we would suggest a free to use tool which converts a single image to PDF called Image to PDF converter.

Taking Notes On Desktop Quickly Using Notetray Windows 7 brought with it more reliability to the Notes widget, which allows you to take notes right on your desktop. Almost every user at some point needs to make a note of something, and if you’re not using any tool, chances are that you’ll soon get tired of having to open notepad all the time, saving the note, selecting output location, etc. While the notes widget makes it easier, you are still limited not only by space, but also by having to visit the desktop every time you need to take a note.

An opensource, free tool with the name of Notetray does the trick. This application is not only most convenient to use, but also portable. Simply run the exe file once, and it will add its pencil-shaped icon to your system tray.

How To Add Watermark To Microsoft Word Document A watermark is faint text or image in the background of the document. Watermark enhances the appearance of your document and also serve as added protection from illegal copying of documents. For example, official company documents have their official logo or company byline text on background of each page in a document file. You can similar watermark to your Microsoft Word document files.

Top 10 RSS Reader Applications It’s time once again for our featured Movers and Shakers post. Each week, we take one software category and list the top ten most downloaded apps. This week, we are looking at RSS and newsreaders. These are the apps that can be used to read really simple syndication and news feeds from your computer.

FontSelf is a font service that allows you to express yourself online in a creative way through font customization. You’ll be able to send messages and write text using the font that suits your mood. The service does not require you to install anything. All the fonts and tools in FontSelf are online and can be available to your whenever and wherever you need them.

Using FontSelf is as easy as typing your message in their editor and choosing which font you’d like to use. You can embed the message or text content by grabbing the generated codes from FontSelf and place it on your blog or favorite social network (if they allow embeds).

Use Custom Fonts For You Blog Using FontSelf

How to merge only selected PDF pages from different PDF files? Let’s say that you have 5 PDF files. Instead of merging all of these files, you want to merge only certain pages from them. You want to merge page 1 and page 3 from the 1st PDF file, the 4th page of the 2nd file and so on. To be able to have this kind of custom merging, we’re going to use PDF Rider 0.3 Alpha. It’s a free application for Windows.

Merge Selected Pages From Different PDF Files Using PDF Rider

There are times you come across a file in the format that you cannot open it on your computer. The only solution at those times is to attempt to convert that file to a supported format, but you don’t want to download and install anything.  It’s when you need a web based tools for this job.

Convert Your Documents Online Using DocsPal

DocsPal is like your smart friend in this case since it can understand various formats of common document these days. More than that, it can also convert your document across multiple formats for free and quickly.

PDF is a great format for documents because once created, readers using different systems can read the same content and you, the author, don’t care about another stuff such as the font, the graphic but only focus on the content. And for one reason or another, you may lock your PDF file so that no one can convert it to an editable format such as Word, HTML.

Remove The Passwords Of PDF Files Instantly Using PDF Password Remover

By some cases, you want to update the PDF files so you would love PDF Password Remover, which lets you remove the author password instantly. It also allows you to batch remove passwords of multiple files, and this function would be great in some chances.

People these days have many things to complete. One of the best tools that helps us is a to-do list or a task manager which we can use it for managing our tasks as well as keep track of them. There are many desktop applications now support those kinds of work, but you can also try web based tools, which are simpler and handier in some cases.

Create And Manage Your Tasks Online Using ReddyNote

ReddyNote is such a tool that allows you to create, manage and keep track of your individual tasks or tasks within a team. Totally free and really simple to use, it might be the first one you should use before switching to complicating tools that offer you more.